How to Run a Company: Advise from a CEO

Came across an interesting article, where Scott Weiss gives very interesting and useful advise for the new CEOs. Here is his main points in brief:

  • Push the team
    • Set aggressive goals
    • Give frequent feedback
    • Hold weekly staff meeting
    • Schedule bi-monthly 1-1s
  • Sell the Vision: “When I think about all the important things CEOs must do, succinctly and convincingly articulating “the story” is right up there. But there’s a catch: it must be told with both authenticity and passion-like it’s literally pouring out of them. We refer to the best of these entrepreneurs as “glow in the dark”.”
  • Arbitrate Disagreements: “Arbitrating these disagreements is one of the hardest and most emotionally draining parts of the job, but many CEOs just avoid it and nothing breeds a horrible culture like a CEO who puts offs decisions or, worse yet, makes too many compromises.”
  • MBWA (Management by Walking Around): ” I probably spent three to five hours a week on MBWA and would put hour-long blocks in the calendar specifically for this purpose. Just a simple plopping down in an employee’s cube with a “Whatcha working on?” would yield so much valuable information.”
  • Talk to Customers: “A CEO should probably be spending about 30 percent of his or her time with customers, and this is especially true for an enterprise CEO. But this doesn’t mean talking with just the CIO or SVP, who most likely barely remembers signing the purchase order. However uncomfortable, I would insist on talking to the person actually using our product.”

I think all this is great advise. And, as much as this advise is for the CEOs, I think they serve even managers and directors fairly well. Every person with responsibility would do well to use these things for more efficient functioning.


(Photo courtesy: SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget)

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